Eden Roc Land Court Map

This section is for photos, anything in Eden Roc you would like to share. I've uploaded a few photos to get started...
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Eden Roc Land Court Map

Post by IslandAbode »

Here is a Link to the Eden Roc land court map.

It is on my personal website and is Public Domain file.
Feel free to download it.

http://www.nonags.org/members/terry_on_ ... ap0090.pdf

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Re: Eden Roc Land Court Map

Post by Gary »

It gives me a better understanding of the place we call home. 2 questions, first are the 2 large center lots owned by eden rock. It looked like one was the park. Also the few roads that extend between lots, are they ment to connect to other subdivisions? To my knowledge there is I only one way in and one way out.

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Re: Eden Roc Land Court Map

Post by MikeR »

I know it's been almost 2 years since you posted, but I'll answer in case anyone wants to know. The two 10 acre parcels are owned by EREA presumably for future park use and yes, the first one is where the fire hall etc. is located. The gap between lots that you note were probably initially intended to connect to Fern Forest, however, the one on 17 is blocked off. Rumour is that FF residents were causing too much wear and tear on the roads, but just a rumour so take with a grain of salt.

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