Welcome to the Eden Roc Estates website. Our subdivision is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are on the Eastern side of the island. From Hilo, follow Highway 11 South-West towards Volcano. About 1 mile past the small town of Mountain View, and right after mile marker 15, take a left on South Kopua Rd. This road goes about a mile past old sugar cane field and a couple fruit orchards before it curves about 90 degrees to the right. Follow this road about 3/4 of a mile, you will pass the Eden Roc subdivision sign on the Rock Wall, and you are now in Eden Roc! Click on the Maps page to find an interactive map which you can explore.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on the website, or call the association @ (808) 968-8484.

We have added some new features, one of which is the Forum. All of the transcripts from our monthly meetings (going back as far as 2003) are available. There is a section for Classified Ads, one for information about Buying or building, a Photo section, etc. Anyone can sign up an account to post messages. No SPAM will be tolerated. The main Forum section is for Eden Roc Estates information only, there are other sections for Hawaii, Big Island, and Beaches for info about stuff outside of Eden Roc.

We have a small community park on Road 8, where we also keep our firetruck. The monthly meetings are at this park, usually in the building (especially if it's raining!)

Our weather here in Eden Roc varies from Sun to Rain almost daily. We sometimes have a drought for a month (or more), and sometimes days upon days of rain. On average, it rains on over half of the days of the year. This doesn't mean it rains all day on those days, perhaps just passing showers. Our temperature is usually in the 70's to 80's, extreme hot temperatures may be in the 90's, and in the midst of winter on a cold night the temperature may drop to the lower 50's (a few times into the upper 40's). The weather is usually perfect T-Shirt temperature.

There are 1,809 individual lots in Eden Roc, the vast majority are still jungle. The types of jungle vary quite a bit, there is lots of the small fern 'staghorn', Ohia trees and Waiwi ( pronounced like the letters YV, or Why-Vee ) trees for the most part. The ground also varies, Eden Roc usually has from 4 inches to 2 feet of topsoil before you hit lava. The top layers of lava are usually easily broken, but when you get down to 'blue rock' it gets very hard. I know of a couple caves on road 17, the entrances are blocked off, there are probably more undiscovered caves.

Infrastructure: Eden Roc has electricity and phone lines coming in to it, but they are not available on every street. Wired high speed internet is not yet available. I am working with a local ISP and we are working to bring high speed wireless internet into the subdivision, contact me Advanced Wireless for more information if you are interested. County water and sewer are not available, most people have a cess pool or septic tank and catch the water from their roof in a catchment tank for their water supply. County water is available in Mountain View for free, bring your own container, if need be (there is usually a line of people during a drought).

We have created a calendar, where we will post community events as we schedule them. Anyone can view it on our calendar page, or even subscribe to it with your Google Calendar account. I have my calendars integrated into my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client, which makes it easy to keep track of things.

Here is the archive of old meetings from the old website, you can see all of the meetings prior to June of 2007 on one page... Click here.