Minutes March 16, 2024

This is a transcript of the monthly meetings, as well as any other official updates from members of the association. You can't post messages here, this is READ ONLY.
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Minutes March 16, 2024

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Agenda items

I. CALL TO ORDER 10:01 am BY President Haylie Taylor
Estimate: 10 members present for March 2024 Meeting
II. (Roll Call~ members recorded by Secretary Melody Masterson for the minutes book)
IV. Reports from Office
PRESIDENT HAYLIE TAYLOR Recap on water tank needs to install plumbing in Firehouse. Welder needed for a cage to help prevent theft of tank. Haylie will reach out to Susan (Retired Fire Chief) to ask for assistance in organizing a new Volunteer List of Fire Department. Tom Brant has worked on this idea in years past.

VICE PRESIDENT JASPER CARTER reports of signs needed to replace theft of stop signs. Jasper will contact Roadway Solutions to order 6 more stop signs.
SECRETARY MELODY MASTERSON updates on Facebook Page for EREA to open member discussions. Melody will set up a new page that is not a personal but rather a business page on facebook.
TREASURER TYLER STERBENTZ – Louie Miller gave report of finance

$1361.00 debits
$20,536.11 in Credits brought in from Road Fees
Road numbers have not been painted due to weather
REPORT ROAD ISSUES to Eden Roc Estates: EDENROCESTATES.COM ~ contact form
Email : EREA@EDENROCESTATES.COM PHONE: 808-968-8484 Details are needed of the
Issues as well as location (photos are very helpful too)

Haylie Taylor makes motion to set up paypal for fees to be paid online
Seconded by Melody Masterson & all in favor

COMMITTEE REPORT TINA BURT-TOLLAND set date April 16, 2024 to volunteer to help make signs.
Beautification committee will look into painting the billboard sign. EREA is registered as a community service option so we can accept those helpers to achieve some of our goal in trash removal.

Ditches on roadways holding waters: tabled
Insurance for park? Usage? Fire Station

10:45 am Motion to adjourn by Melody Masterson seconded by Haylie Taylor
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