abandoned cars

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abandoned cars

Post by louiem »

if you have a problem with abandoned cars on your road please call the police non emergency number and report them in detail, i.e. make model license plate(if any)935-3311 and keep following up, this is our only recourse.

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Re: abandoned cars

Post by Gary »

Is it possible to remove the truck around 22-23 it is turning into a trash pile there is now appliances, furniture and other trash. Its growing fast and is going to keep getting worse. It’s starting to move into the road.

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Re: abandoned cars

Post by MikeR »

Aloha Gary:

Nice to see at least one other person checks these forums from time to time. I hope all is well.


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Re: abandoned cars

Post by Maggie »

Aloha! The guy second house from the end at Ohia and 26 dragged 5 cars out of his yard Thursday. 3 are on the roadside, and 2 in neighbors driveway. Not sure how to get them removed to rubbish or hold guy accountable. It's a mess. Please help. I have pictures, but am having trouble sharing here.

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