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The Independent Hawaii Surveyors - Real Estate Agents recommend you get a survey prior to building a house, if you want a survey done, check this site.

PDF - A Guide to Building in the Forest. A nice little brochure about building here in the jungle. Produced for Volcano, but it mostly applies to anywhere here in the jungle.

Hawaii County Weekly Newsletter - This is a weekly newsletter the County of Hawai'i puts out, telling of anything new on our island.

Hawaii Property Tax - Search for an address or TMK to see owner names, TMK maps, permits, etc. To search for TMK's, enter '11091013' for searching for '3-1-1-091-013'. Ignore the first 3 when searching, it is an island number and the search won't work if you put it in. The last 2 sets of numbers HAVE to be 3 digits, add a zero to '91' to make it '091'.

Hawaii TMK Maps - Download the real TMK property maps here (maps are named like h11085.tif, this means TMK's 3-1-1-85-XXX are in this map.
Eden Roc has TMK's from 3-1-1-72 (back of Eden Roc) to 3-1-1-99 (front of Eden Roc). Maps ending in '000' are overview maps.

Hawaii Tribune-Herald - Our local Hilo newspaper.

Honolulu Advertiser - Our Honolulu newspaper.

Puna Web - Lots more information about our area. They have forums with lots of info.

Universoulightforms - A local company (based in Eden Roc) that makes art.

Volcano - Pu'u O'o - Eruption Update.

Volcano - Pu'u O'o - Latest Images.

Insurance Hawaii - Local Insurance company. Dan De Soto, 275 Ponahawai Street, Suite #105, Hilo. 808-961-3207

Airin's Computers - Webmaster for this website and a computer repair/sales store in Mountain View.